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University Budget Council

Budget Procedures and Changes



  • Budget Transfer Request Form (Word)/(PDF)
  • Budget Transfer Request - Sample (PDF)
  • FAMIS Access Request Form (Excel)/(PDF)
  • Fiscal Request Form (Word)
  • Fiscal Request - Sample (PDF)


Annual Financial Reports

Operating Budgets

A&M System Recognized for Online Post Expenditure Reports

Budget Procedures and Changes

Types of Account Groups

Education & General (E&G) - State

  • State Appropriated Funds
  • Account Range (100000-199999, 870000-879999)
  • Must show direct benefit to the University & follow strict state guidelines and laws
  • Longevity (1610) & Benefits (1900s)_are not pd in accts
  • Special Allocations:

Indirect Cost (142000-142999)-Bal brought fwd

Research Development Funds (1603xx)-Lose @ YE (?)

HEAF (1609xx, 87xxxx)-Bal brought fwd until grant ends

Other E&G accounts lose any budget available @ YE

E&G-Local Accounts

  • Account Range (220000-248999)
  • All have Wage (1700) and Operating Budgets (4000) only. No budgeted salaries. They will all remain in the "1" account number
  • Beginning FY05, Operating Budget from E&G-State accounts were moved to E&G-Local accounts (137101 now 237101)
  • Beginning FY07, Wage Budget from E&G-State accounts were moved to E&G-Local accounts
  • Must show direct benefit to the University & Follow strict state guidelines and laws E&G-State acct

Designated/Auxiliary (Local)

  • Accounts Range (200000-399999)
  • Guidelines of the University and Texas A&M System apply to all purchases with local funds
  • Budgeted Accts:

216540-216549 (Student ID Cards Fee)

216550-216559 (Group Hospital Fee)

216600-216609 (Applied Music Fee)

216700-216709 (Transcript Fee)

217000-217099 (Computer Use Fee)

218000-218499 (Designated Tuition)

218500-218599 (Library Access Fee)

310000-319999 (Std Service Fees)

315000-315999 (Athletic Fees)

317000-317009 (UPD)

332000-349999 (Dorms, Sub, Apts)

Self-Supporting Accts:

  • 200001-216000
  • 320000-329990


  • Account Range for Grants & Contracts - 400000-499999
  • Account Range for Scholarships - 650000-659999
  • Restricted by Outside Sponsor
  • Federal Grants begin with 40xxxx
  • All expenditures are reviewed and approved by Grants & Contracts Office (documents should be routed to their office before acct payable)
  • May have support accounts (5 more digits added to acct # -400123-00002)

Plant Funds/ Construction Accts

  • Accounts range (800000-899999)
  • Purpose: To capture total costs of large projects usually under a contract (ex: renovations, new construction)

Endowment & Agency Accts

  • Endowments start with 074xxx or 075xxx
  • View accounts balances on Scr 18 instead of Scr 19: 1000 "Claim or Cash" provides current balance
  • Scr 4 provides the Endowment Earnings Distribution
  • Agency Accts start with 094xxx

Unallowable Expenditures

E&G Accounts Unallowable Expenditures

  • FOOD

Account Inquiry in Canopy

  • The website is http://canopy.tamu.edu/
  • Same FAMIS User ID and password
  • Access Employee Payroll Action Module (EPA)
  • Access Document Routing & Approvals
  • Access Accounts Inquiry (Scr 19/23/21)
  • Access Fixed Assets Module (Inventory)

Note: If you don't have access to all of these modules, you can complete a FAMIS Security Access form: FAMIS Security Access Form (Excel)/(PDF)

Account Inquiry (FRS)

My Accounts

  • Enter
    • "Account Number" or
    • "Department" or
    • "Responsible Person" or
    • "Title"
  • Hit "Search" button
  • hit "Add" button to add to favorites (limited to 20 accounts)

Sub-codes Search (Scr 80)

  • Search for types of expenditures
    • 1740, 1745 Student Wages
    • 5825 Rental of Copying Machines
    • 4010 Supplies
    • 5787 Computers
    • 5910 Scholarships

Attributes (Scr 6)

  • Verify "Resp Person" (If outdated, please complete a new Signature AUthority Form: Signature Authority Form (PDF)/(Word)
  • Verify "Mail Code" (This is where your monthly reports are sent.)
  • Verify "Gen Exp Bud:" (If it is "Y" then it generates its own budget and is considered self-supporting.)
  • Verify "Year End Process:" T for budgeted accounts/F or P for accounts with balances that roll forward
  • Verify "Responsible Process" (if outdated, please e-mail Paula)
  • Verify "Comments:"
  • Summary (Scr 19/94)
  • Summary by Obj. Code: (Scr 19)
  • Summary by Budget Pool (Scr 34)
    • Budget = Actual+_Encumbrance+Available
    • -CM Actual = Current Month Totals
    • -Actual = Fiscal Year-to-date Totals
    • -Encumbrance = Budget Reserved for future payments
    • -Available = Budget clear and available to spend/encumber
  • Year Type: FY for budgeted accts; PY for Prior Year and IN for multi-year grants accounts
  • 13th month includes all activity for the Fiscal Year

Open Commitments (Scr 21)

  • Original- Original amounts at the beginning of the year
  • Adjusted- Any adjustments to increase or decrease existing encumbrance (usually done by Purchasing)
  • Liquidated- Amounts paid Year-to-Date
  • Current- Current balance being reserved for payments through fiscal year-end

Transactions (Scr 46/23)

  • Change the "Months" and "Thru" the "Submit" button
  • Use "Download" button to download into Excel

Vouchers (Scr 23 with filter)

  • Actual payments only
  • Click Voucher number to get detail
  • Click on Title of any column to Sort

Status Column: Check Information

  • CYCL - In Check Cycle or State Voucher Cycle
  • DROP - Dropped before payment - acctg reversed
  • PAID - Paid (after printing or Prepaid)
  • PEND - Pending voucher - no acctg. posted
  • P-CN - Pending canceled before acctg. posted
  • P-OP - Pending voucher - open (no acctg. posted)
  • P-CL - Pending closed - closed but not posted; Should post overnight and enter into CYCL otherwise there may be a problem
  • OUT - Outstanding (After being posted but before entering the check or state voucher cycle
  • RECN - Reconciled (Cleared Bank or State Comp)
  • VOID - Check or State voucher voided


If you have security access to the 770 series screens in FAMIS

Provides payroll Detail

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Salary/Wage amounts
  • Benefits
  • Beginning and Ending Dates


Provides Monthly Accounts Statements in PDF or Excel

To change "Fiscal Year". enter year and hit "Set CC/FY" button

  • Can get reports back 2 years + Current year


  • Enter department code for list of assets
  • Note: Must have access to FFX in FAMIS. (Submit FAMIS Security Access Request Form (Excel)/(PDF)
  • Use "Export to File" button to download to Excel

Transactions (Scr 523)

  • Change "FY Only:" to "No" to see all transactions
  • Use "Export to File" button to download to Excel

Locations (Scr 535)

  • "Room" and "Other Location" very important for annual physical inventory
  • "Edit" button can be used to change "Room" and "Other Location"


Verify building name here - Get number form location tab Departments

Search by Name

Search by ID (Acronym)


Don't forget to log out

Account Inquiry in FAMIS

001 FAMIS (FRS) Main Menu
Screen Description
9 Expiration Date, Signatory Authority
8 Designated Grant Administrator, misc. information
34 Main Screen, Shows Budget, Expenses Cash, Balance
74 Main Screen for Support Accounts
21 Outstanding Encumbrances for Main Accounts
61 Outstanding Encumbrances for Support Accounts
23 All Activity for Current Fiscal Year by Support Accounts
63 All Activity for Current Fiscal Year by Support Accounts
46 All Activity for Specific Month
76 All Activity for Specific Month by Support Accounts
29 Accounts Search
68 Account Search for Support Account

M11 A/P Main Menu - Inquiry and Vendor                             
Screen Description
103 Vendor Identification Number
160 Invoices by Vendor Inquiry
162 Voucher Inquiry by Vendor
168 Voucher Inquiry by Voucher
350 Invoice Inquiry by Document #(PO,L,& R)
351 Invoice Inquiry by Vendor

For any budget related questions, please contact Budget Office (ext.2793)

or Payroll Office (ext. 2258)

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