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Texas A&M-Kingsville Partners with KIPP Schools to Increase College Completion Rates

KINGSVILLE - March 06, 2014

Contact: Adriana Garza-Flores
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KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) announced today that it will partner with Texas A&M-Kingsville in an effort to increase college completion rates for underserved KIPP students nationwide.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with KIPP to create opportunities for students,” said Dr. Steven H. Tallant, president of Texas A&M University-Kingsville. “Our vision of education closely matches that of KIPP and we know that we look forward to celebrating the success of countless students together through this partnership.”

With this partnership, Texas A&M-Kingsville seeks to recruit and enroll seven KIPP alumni for the 2013-14 academic year and 10 each year thereafter. Texas A&M-Kingsville will support KIPP alumni throughout their time on campus, and address the full financial need of all KIPP alumni who enroll at Texas A&M-Kingsville. This summer, 10 KIPP Texas high school students to participate in a range of summer bridge programming at Texas A&M-Kingsville.

KIPP has four regions in the state of Texas. There are 21 KIPP schools in Houston, nine in Austin, four in San Antonio, and two in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Combined, these schools serve nearly 14,000 students in grades PreK-12, most of whom are African-American or Latino and qualify as low-income under federal guidelines.

KIPP Houston, KIPP Austin, KIPP San Antonio, and KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth are part of a national network of 141 KIPP public charter schools. A report released this year by independent research firm Mathematica showed that KIPP middle schools nationwide are producing positive, significant and substantial achievement gains for students in all grades and four subjects—math, reading, science, and social studies. Mathematica researchers found that KIPP achieved these academic gains with students that entered middle school with lower achievement scores than their peers in neighboring district schools.

“This partnership is going to open up doors of opportunity for our KIPPsters across the state and the country,” said Mike Feinberg, co-founder of KIPP. “I am thrilled to see KIPP and Texas A&M-Kingsville coming together to support our KIPP students from Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio as they climb the mountain to and through college.”

According to 2010 U.S. Census data, 33 percent of Americans aged 25-29 have earned a college degree. For students in the bottom economic quartile, only 10 percent complete college by their mid-20s. As of fall 2012, 42 percent of KIPP students have earned a four-year college degree after finishing eighth grade at a KIPP middle school 10 or more years ago. KIPP’s college completion rate is above the national average for all students and four times the rate for students from low-income families nationwide. KIPP's goal is to reach a college completion rate that is comparable to that of the nation’s highest-income students.

Texas A&M-Kingsville is KIPP’s 11th Texas-based college partner.  The growing list of partnership colleges and universities in Texas include University of Houston, Southern Methodist University, Rice University, Houston Baptist University, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward’s University, Texas A&M University, Texas State University and Austin Community College.  A complete list of KIPP’s college partners can be found at KIPP.org.

About KIPP

KIPP – the Knowledge Is Power Program – is a national network of open-enrollment, college-preparatory public charter schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and in life.  KIPP was founded in Houston in 1994 and has grown to 141 schools serving more than 50,000 students in 20 states and Washington, D.C.  More than 95 percent of students enrolled in KIPP schools are African American or Latino, and 86 percent qualify for the federal free and reduced-price meals program.

About Texas A&M-Kingsville

With a focus on teaching and research programs, Texas A&M University-Kingsville is the oldest comprehensive institution of higher education in South Texas. Well-known departments include music, engineering, wildlife and agriculture. The biomedical sciences department houses the National Natural Toxins Research Center, an internationally recognized program that studies the benefits of snake-venom toxins. Other prestigious research entities include the Citrus Center, the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Center, the King Ranch® Institute for Ranch Management, Eagle Ford Center for Research, Education and Outreach, and the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment.

Texas A&M-Kingsville is home to nearly 8,000 undergraduate and graduate students, with more than 40 bachelor’s degrees, approximately 40 master’s degrees and six doctoral degrees available in many fields.


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