University Rules and Procedures

University Rules

01.01.01.K1 Development of Rules and Distribution of Policies, Regulations and Rules

08.01.01K1 Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

11.08.99.K1 Award of Posthumous Degrees

12.01.99.K1 Academic Freedom, Responsibilities and Tenure

12.03.99.K1 Teaching Load Credits

12.04.99.K1 Faculty Senate

12.99.01.K1 Faculty Development Leave

13.04.99.K1 Student Travel

15.01.03.K1 Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research

15.02.99.K1 Export Controls

15.99.01.K1 Use of Human Subjects in Research

15.99.03.K1 Ethics in Research Scholarship and Creative Work

21.99.04.K1 Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property

21.99.10.K1 Use of Commercial Software

25.99.08.K1 Monthly Communication Allowance Program

31.01.01.K1 Compensation Rule

31.01.08.K1 Merit Salary Increases

33.99.01.K4 Faculty Participation in the Selection of Deans

33.99.14.K1 Criminal History Record Information - Employees and Applicants

34.02.01 K1 Alcohol and Illegal Substance Abuse

34.05.99.K1 Smoke-Free Environment

51.06.99.K1 Naming of Buildings and Other Entities

University Procedures

Procedure 11.03.99.K1.01 Credit Hours and Shortened Courses

Procedure 11.99.99.K1.01 Transcripted Minors and Certificates

Procedure 11.99.99.K2.01 Substantive Change

Procedure 12.07.99.K1.01 Fixed-Term Faculty Appointments

Procedure 17.01.99.K1.01 Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights, Information Technology, and Classified Proprietary Research

Procedure 17.02.02.K1.01 Intellectual Property:Technology-Mediated Instruction and Material

Procedure 18.03.99.K0.01 Post Season Athletic Competition

Procedure 21.01.07.K0.01 Agency Funds

Procedure 21.01.04.K0.01 Extension of Credit

Procedure 21.05.01.K0.01 Gifts, Donations, Grants, and Endowments

Procedure 24.01.06.K1.01 Camps and Programs for Minors

Procedure 25.07.03.K0.01 Basic Procurement Procedures

Procedure 25.99.08.K1.01 Enrolling in the Monthly Communication Allowance Program

Procedure 29.01.03.K1.01 Security of Electronic Information Resources

Procedure 29.01.04.K1.01 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Resources

Procedure 31.01.07.K1.01 Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments

Procedure 31.01.08.K1.01 President’s Excellence Awards

Procedure 31.01.09.K1.01 Overtime

Procedure 31.01.10.K0.01 Service Awards

Procedure 31.03.03.K0.01 Leaves of Absence With Pay

Procedure 31.06.01.K1.01 Sick Leave Pool

Procedure 33.06.01.K1.01 Flexible Work Arrangements

Procedure 33.99.01.K0.01 Searches Using Committees

Procedure 33.99.01.K1.01 Employment Practices

Procedure 33.99.04.K1.01 Non-Faculty Promotion, Transfer and Voluntary Moves

Procedure 61.01.01.K1.01 Maintaining the Accuracy of University Publications

Procedure 61.01.02.K0.01 Public Information

Procedure 61.99.01.K0.01 Retention of State Records

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