Personal Enhancement


Available Courses 

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Who can Enroll

The Personal Enhancement programs are geared towards members of the community that are looking to start a new hobby or rediscover a lost skill. Participants will receive detailed lessons by an instructor with vast experience in that field.

Courses and Flexible Study

Courses with the Center for Continuing Education are taught in the evenings, once or twice a week, depending on the program schedule. All of our Personal Enhancement courses are designed for the short term with courses covering an 8 week timeframe. The program is designed to let participants learn at a comfortable pace. Classes are designed to facilitate the individual needs of both novices and those wanting to refine their skills.

Earning the Certificate

Participants will receive certificates of participation at the end of each session upon successful completion of each course.

Registration Process

We've gone green! Registration/Payment is only available online. Register and pay in two easy steps!

  • Online Registration – Once the online registration form has been submitted, your browser will re-direct you to the medical waiver form. Once both forms have been submitted, your browser will redirect you to Marketplace for payment. In order to reserve your seat in the class, please register at your earliest convenience.
  • Payment – All payments will only be accepted online through Marketplace. *We only accept credit/debit cards and/or checks.   

**A $15.00 non-refundable registration fee is added per program to the total costs during payment checkout. 

*Registration is only available online, if you have any issues/concerns, please contact us! We will gladly assist you in any way possible!
Phone: 361.593.4261 or Email:

*Payment Plans are only available for course fees of $145 or above

This page was last updated on: February 6, 2019