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Guaranteed Tuition Rate

Effective Fall 2014, state law HB 29 required all public institutions in Texas to offer a guaranteed tuition plan for Undergraduate resident students.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville elected to include both resident and non-resident undergraduate students in the tuition plans. 

New undergraduate students are placed into the new Guaranteed Tuition plan (JPAK) of the current academic year. Transfer students are placed into 1 of 4 active JPAKs based on their earned credit hours that transfer into the university.

For transfer students, the guaranteed tuition rates are not guaranteed based on your tenure at this particular University but rather guaranteed on the basis of the life of your undergraduate career. Therefore, time and hours spent before transferring to TAMUK will impact the JPAK upon entrance and determine it's longevity.  

Dual Enrolled: High School Students

Dual Enrolled Students may go to the Dual Enrolled website for more information.