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Effective this semester, we will be utilizing ProQuest for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) submissions. Students will no longer be required to submit 5/7 hard copies of these documents on cotton paper to our office.

Two new major changes in format for Thesis and Dissertation Final Documents are:

  1. 1” margins (top-bottom-left-right)
  2. All page numbers should be placed on the bottom center of each page

Steps for the final submission of Theses or Dissertations:

Step 1: After the defense, the student will submit

a)      the final document on regular paper with all required signatures for final approval and signature by the Graduate Dean,

b)      a signed hard copy of the first page of the turnitin report, and 

c)      a soft copy of the final document along with the complete copy of the turnitin report on a USB flash drive or CD (pdf version preferred)

Step 2: After the Graduate Dean’s approval, the staff in the graduate office will scan the signature page.

Step 3: The completed signature page will be emailed to the student to be inserted into the final document.

Step 4: The student will go to the following URL www.etdadmin.com/tamuk to register and create a personal account and follow the instructions to submit the full document.  The student can upload from any computer with internet access or they can come to the College of Graduate Studies Office for guidance on this step.

**If you have questions regarding publishing options, embargo questions..etc., please call the ProQuest Publishing Department at 1-800-521-0600 ext. 77020

Step 5: Final Approval….the College of Graduate Studies will review the uploaded document and submit to ProQuest.


  1. The College of Graduate Studies staff will be happy to guide and help the students with the final submission to ProQuest via www.etdadmin.com/tamuk , if necessary.
  2. The university will no longer bind these documents.  If departments and/or students wish to have a bind copy of these documents, the departments and/or students will cover the binding expenses. In this case departments and/or students have the option to go to the following URL: http://www.thesisondemand.com/  or contact a publishing company.

This page was last updated on: December 05, 2013