Council Members

Graduate Council
September 2016 - August 2017

Chair:  Dr. G. Allen Rasmussen
Dr. Linda Challoo

College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences

Dr. Leonard Brennan  
Dr. Greta Schuster  
Dr. David Wester  (Dean’s Appointee)

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Mauro Castro 
Dr. Sarjinder Singh 
Dr. Alan Seitel  (Dean’s Appointee)

College of Business Administration

Dr. Barbara Oates 
Dr. Ruth Chatelain-Jordon (Dean’s Appointee)

College of Education and Human Performance

Dr. La Vonne Fedynich 
Dr. Marybeth Green 
Dr. Karen Bradley  (Dean’s Appointee)

College of Engineering

Dr. Rajab Challoo
Dr. Lee Clapp
Dr. David Ramirez (Dean's Appointee)

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