Story Request Form

If you are submitting information about an upcoming campus event, please submit at least 2 weeks prior the date of the event.

For events:

Stories unite us and reflect our Javelina Pride and purpose. Help us tell the stories of Javelina Nation. Do you know an outstanding student or remarkable alumni? Are you a faculty member working on new research or did you just receive a new grant? Are you planning a university event and want to get the word out? Let us know by filling out a story submission form.

Considering the following questions may help you fill out the story submission form.

  • What makes this story important?
  • How will this news/event/publicity promote the university’s mission?
  • What students/organizations/departments/faculty/staff are involved?

With the increase in social media usage and variety, we have many ways in which to share our stories. The marketing and communications department staff will determine the best possible means for writing, producing and disseminating story suggestions.

We appreciate you taking time to share information. Stories will be approved and rewritten at the discretion of the Marketing & Communications staff.