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Office of Student Activities

Student Organizations

Online Forms

Student Organization Handbook

Community Services

  • Community Service Directory (.PDF) (.DOC)
  • Community Service for Organizations (.PDF) (.DOC)
  • Sample Letter of Agreement (.PDF) (.DOC)


  • Fundraising Request (.PDF) (.DOC)
  • Javelina Dining Food Service Waiver (.PDF) (.DOC)

Risk Management

  • Risk Management System Assess Matrix (.PDF)
  • Risk Management Worksheet (.DOC)


Student Organization Registration

Student Travel

  • Student Travel Procedures (.PDF) (.DOC)
    • Travel Forms:
      1. Trip Itinerary - FORM 1
      2. Travel Passenger List - FORM 2
      3. Emergency Notification Form - FORM 3
      4. Liability Waiver Form - FORM 4
      5. Incident/Accident Report - FORM 5
      6. Application for Copy of Driver Record (one for each driver) - FORM 6

Special Event

  • Fall and Spring Fling Policies (.PDF)
  • Hoggie Days Organization Fair Registration form (.PDF)
  • Release and Assumption of Risk (.PDF) (.DOC)
  • Social Event Notification BYOB (.PDF) (.DOC)
  • TABC Underage Drinking Laws 2012 (.PDF) (.DOC)
  • Appeal Request Form (.PDF) (.DOC)