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Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Faculty Senate


Dick and Mary Lewis Kleberg College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Human Sciences

AGNRHS Faculty Senator Listing
Senator Department Extension
Steven Lukefahr College At-Large 3699
Benjamin Turner Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Environmental Sciences 2464
Michelle Garcia Animal Science and Veterinary Technology 3197
Humberto Perrotto Rangeland and Wildlife Science 3977


College of Arts and Sciences 

AS Faculty Senators
Senator Department Extension
Maria Hernandez-Vela College At-Large 3181
Simona Hodis College At-Large 2236
Subbarao Yelisetti College At-Large 4894
Ryan Paul College At-Large 2516
Manuel Flores Art, Communications, and Theatre 3494
Rudolph Bohm Biological and Health Sciences 2762
Maribel Gonzalez-Garcia Chemistry 4151
Teresa Young Clinical Health Sciences 3288
Michael Houf History, Political Science, and Philosophy 3050
Chika Rosenbaum History, Political Science, and Philosophy 2472
Craig A. Meyer Language and Literature 3503
Ramiro Torres Mathematics 2362
Veronica Lopez Music 5026
Alex Sanchez-Behar Music 4235
Haibin Su Physics and Geosciences 4089
Richard Miller Psychology and Sociology 4181
Jieming Chen Psychology and Sociology 4063


College of Business Administration

BA Faculty Senators
Senator Department Extension
Hans Schumann College At-Large 2990
Dongnyoung Kim Accounting and Finance 2148
Jack Shorter Management, Marketing and Information Systems 2130


College of Education and Human Performance

EDHP Faculty Senators
Senator Department Extension
Ari Sherris College At-Large 2430
LaVonne Fedynich College At-Large 4312
Ya-Wen Liang Educational Leadership and Counseling 4265
David Cutton Health and Kinesiology 2372
Amber Shipherd Health and Kinesiology 2301
Marsha Sowell Teacher and Bilingual Education 4782


Frank H. Dotterweich College of Engineering

ENG Faculty Senators
Senator Department Extension
Patrick Mills College At-Large 4827
James Glusing College At-Large 3291
Matthew Alexander Wayne H. King Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering 4552
Dazhi Sun Civil and Architectural Engineering 2270
Lifford McLauchlan Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 4418
Lucy Camacho Environmental Engineering 2476
Ulan Dakeev Industrial Management and Technology 2610
William Worek Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 4015


Jernigan Library

Library Faculty Senator
Senator Department Extension
Christine Radcliff Jernigan Library 3916