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Santa Barraza schedules exhibit at prestigious gallery in Spain

KINGSVILLE - June 13, 2014

Contact: Julie Navejar
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Santa Barraza, art professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, is known throughout the world for her paintings. She has had exhibits all over the United States. Now her art will take her to Spain, where her paintings will be on display at the prestigious Casa de America in Madrid.

She will not be making the trip alone as five art students will join her for a study abroad experience at University of Alcala in Henares, just north of Madrid. The group will leave Monday, June 16, and return Thursday, June 26, Barraza said.

“We will work a lot on the road as we travel around the area, working with sketch books and watercolor pads,” she said. “We will spend time in the museums in Madrid and the students will have the opportunity to see the masters like Picasso and Goya. They have seen slides or digital photos of this work, but in Madrid, they can see the actual painting. They can see the strokes of paint on the canvas.

“They also will get to see the work of El Greco, who did most of his work in Toledo, Spain. He did much of his work for patrons, with those patrons included in the paintings,” she said.

Barraza was recently in Madrid presenting at the International Conference on Chicano and Latin American Studies that was sponsored by the North American Studies program at University of Alcala. “They know a lot about us,” she said.

“I was trying to get my work to Madrid in time for the conference. I have about 20 pieces that have been on exhibit in Germany, but there wasn’t enough time. But since I will be going back with my students, we were able to make arrangements to get the exhibit at that time,” she said.

Most of her work on display in Germany is print copies of the originals. “It is very expensive to send original works. Some of them I rolled up and packed in my luggage.”

Barraza is excited and honored to have her work on display at Casa de America. “It is a beautiful place. It is a palace with gold leaf and murals on the ceiling.

“Madrid is a beautiful city. Kind of like New York, but clean, very clean,” she added.

The show started at the University of Essex in Germany and may continue its European tour in Italy after the Madrid show ends.


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