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Financial Aid/Business Office Q&A

Bills begin posting to student accounts early August for fall and early January for spring. Students will be able to view their student bill via JNET. Students can refer to the academic calendar for important dates https://www.tamuk.edu/academics/academic-calendar/index.html

You can set up a payment plan by visiting MoneyConnect. Locate the payment plan option link from the middle of the page or use the icon link on the task bar located on the left side of the page. Available plan(s) will display for selection. Enroll into the plan that meets your budget needs.

Financial aid will post all student aid no earlier than 9 days prior to the first class day. If aid does not disburse to your student account, make sure to review any outstanding requirements on your student account by following these steps which can be found here. Students can refer to the academic calendar for important dates of that week https://www.tamuk.edu/academics/academic-calendar/index.html

As a first time borrower, you must complete the Master Promissory Note, Entrance Loan Counseling and Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement at https://studentaid.gov/ for your student loans to pay to the student account.

Payment plans are offered to assist students. Current plans are percentage based and will require a down payment and a setup fee.  Visit https://www.tamuk.edu/finance/financial-services/business-services/student/student-payment-plans.html for additional information.
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2023 Deadlines Calendar

Each semester payment deadline falls one week before the start of the term. Students can refer to the academic calendar for important dates of that week https://www.tamuk.edu/academics/academic-calendar/index.html

We highly encourage all students to apply for the FAFSA. There are many grants and scholarship opportunities that use the FAFSA Application for qualification determination. You can also seek scholarship opportunities through Javelina Scholarships

Merit Scholarships
No application required, students are automatically considered for merit scholarships upon admission to Texas A&M University-Kingsville.
Recipients receive a Scholarship Award Letter in the mail, and an email notification

Departmental Scholarships
Apply online through Javelina Scholarships at https://tamuk.scholarshipuniverse.com
Student information is imported from our student database into Javelina Scholarships. Students will answer questions about themselves, and be matched to scholarships they qualify for.
Available November 1st- March 1st
Recipients are notified via email

External Scholarships
Students are encouraged to visit Javelina Scholarships at https://tamuk.scholarshipuniverse.com  for a list of available external scholarships.

How do I login to Javelina Scholarships?
Students can login using their username and password (ku******). Students can activate their usernames at  www.tamuk.edu/joinjnet

If meeting all criteria for the Javelina Promise, students can expect to see the award in their financial aid award package after bills have been posted for the Fall or Spring semester. This will usually occur in early August for Fall or early January for Spring. Any remaining tuition and mandatory fees not covered by federal and state aid, such as Pell Grant, TEXAS Grant, scholarships, waivers and other gift aid, will be covered by this award.

Book are not part of tuition and fees or charged to the student account. Each course has different requirements and materials needed to be successful in their courses. Students are encouraged to speak with their professors on required course material.

The Work-Study Program offers an opportunity for our students with financial need to seek employment on- and off-campus by allowing them to earn money to help pay for educational expenses.  Eligible students are offered a generic work-study award, which may vary per student. The generic award helps students market themselves within TAMUK for work-study positions.

Once awarded Work-Study as part of their financial aid package, it is up to the student to find an approved job. Available jobs and their description can be found via JavelinaCareers, once a profile has been created.

Work-study does not pay for tuition and fees; nor does it get disbursed with other financial aid awards. Students earn their work-study award by working up to 19 hours a week in our student employment program and received a bi-weekly paycheck.

Students can submit a request to be considered for workstudy by submitting a ‘wait-list request’. All eligible students will be considered if funding is available. If awarded, an email will be sent to a student after the term begins to inform the student on their eligibility.

Depending when the donor has sent the check the timeframe can vary. Once TAMUK receives the check, please allow 7-10 business days for posting. All scholarship checks can be mailed to:


700 University Blvd

MSC 104

Kingsville, TX 78363


Please remember to write the student applicant ID number (K00XXXXXX) on the letter or scholarship check

To receive federal aid, students must be meeting the minimum our institutions Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). However, each award is different and it is important for students to become familiar with their award package and any renewable criteria that it may consists of. More information on types of financial assistance available can be found here. You may also find more information on the Javelina Promise Programs eligibility and renewal requirements here.

The Direct Parent PLUS loan is a federal loan which parents of dependent undergraduate students can apply for to help pay educational expenses. A PLUS loan allows a parent to borrow the total cost of undergraduate education including tuition, room and board, and any other eligible school expenses. Parents can apply using their FSA UserID and password at www.studentaid.gov . More information can be found here.

Yes, all gift aid in the form of grants, scholarships, and exemptions/waivers counts towards the Javelina Promise Program calculation. Any remaining tuition and mandatory fees not covered by the aforementioned programs will be covered by this award.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville will be providing COVID-19 relief funding for fall 2022. The application will be available and open to enrolled students on first class day via their blue and gold account. Email communication will be sent to the student prior to the application opening.

Any student having a vehicle on campus must purchase a parking permit:

•Reserve permit through JNET/Parking Spot

•Full year- August- August  $150

•Permit can be mailed to residence or picked up at Business Office

•Rules and Regulations can be found on TAMUK.edu/UPD