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University Housing and Residence Life

Housing Deadline Information


Cancellation Deadline

TAMUK Housing Cancellation Policy

Meal Plan Change Deadline

Requests to change your meal plan should be made online at https://www.tamuk.edu/housing/resources/HallMealPlanChanges.html no later than the 5th class day.

Meal Plan Payment Deadline

Meal plan payment deadline will occur after the 20th class day of each term.  If your plan is suspended at this time, due to nonpayment, you will be required to pay 50% of the plan cost upfront to reactivate the plan.  For those students who enroll into a meal plan after the payment deadline date, 50% payment of the plan cost will also be required before the plan is activated. Contact the University Business Office for information regarding payment.

Housing Assignment Info

Students who have applied for housing for the Fall semester will receive their housing assignments no later than August 1. Students who have applied for housing for the Spring semester will receive their housing assignment no later than January 7.

Housing Charge Refunds

No refunds for housing charges will be made after the mid-semester point during any semester.

Private Room / Room Change / Hall Transfer Requests

The Private Room/Hall Transfer waiting lists begin the first day of class at 7:30 AM. The Hall Transfer and Private Room requests must be made online here https://www.tamuk.edu/housing/resources/HallMealPlanChanges.html. Room Change requests can be made at the time of check in.

Check-In Dates

Check in begins on the following days for each respective semester.

  • Summer I 2024:   May 28
  • Summer II 2024:  July 7
  • Fall 2023:             August 19-20
  • Spring 2024:        January 15-16