Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Honors College

Benefits and Requirements


Why Honors?

The benefits of an Honors education are:

Classes – each semester, students pick one (or two) classes to take as Honors.  Chose from:

  • TAMUK classes that are open only to Honors students. These Honors Only sections incorporate innovative teaching styles
  • More in-depth study in regular TAMUK courses through Honors contracts
  • Security in getting into classes you want through Priority Registration
  • Honors courses designated on your TAMUK transcript

Enhancing Your Education

  • Opportunities in creative activities and research done through cutting edge competitions, research, performances/exhibits, and field work utilizing laboratories, archives and on-site studies overseen by nationally- and world-recognized professors; participation in projects offered nowhere else
  • Individual transitional assistance adjusting from high school to university environments
  • Professional development and professionalism training that will set you apart from other internship or job trainees from the very first day  
  • Honors study abroad opportunities
  • Being an Honors student helps secure leadership positions within the university
  • Internships and innovative community service opportunities available
  • If class assistance is needed, there are connections to Honors students who have taken the course previously
  • Special benefits such as strategy timelines, documentation enhancement training, as well as honor society membership opportunities in international award-winning student chapters, all geared towards getting you where you want to go in the field of your choice

Getting Jobs or into Graduate Schools

  • Being an Honors student fosters close interaction with faculty which develops professional relationships and references
  • Obtain skills and experiences that make your resume stand out from others
  • Application assistance designed for the individual student
  • Honors on your transcript is recognized around the world as above and beyond traditional classes
  • TAMUK Honors students have a very high success rate for obtaining jobs or acceptance in graduate/professional schools


  1. Complete a minimum of 18 hours as Honors before last two semesters.  Breakdown:  6 credits at 1000 or 2000 (lower-level) + 9 credits at 3000 or 4000 (upper-level) + 3 credits in a non-degree required course.
  2. Minimum GPA requirements:
    • Students with 1-30 institutional (TAMUK) credit hours must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA
    • Students with 31-44 institutional credit hours must maintain a 3.25 institutional GPA
    • Students with a minimum of 45 institutional hours must maintain a 3.40 institutional GPA
  3. All Honors courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or higher
  4. Complete an Honors Independent Project to be determined when student reaches 60 credits (junior year)
  5. If a student retakes a class previously done as an Honors class, it needs to redone as Honors to still count in the minimum number of Honors credit hours needed. The student can retake the class as an Honors section or an Honors contract.