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Honors College

Why Join the Honors College?

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What TAMUK Honors College students all share is the conviction that college is about more than just getting a degree or just learning the subject matter  It is about being challenged and experiencing an in-depth involvement in their education and field of study.

The Honors College provides a foundation so our students get the most out of their academic experience.  Our goals for the Honors College are to engage students in an enriched educational experience through increased undergraduate research opportunities, leadership development, community engagement, and international program opportunities.  We also help transition new college students from high school to higher education through smaller classes, more interaction with faculty, and close association with students with similar goals and capabilities.

The Honors College is open to all Texas A&M University-Kingsville students who meet the academic requirements. Students in the Honors College belong to their degree-granting college and the Honors College (dual academic citizenship).  Participation in the Honors College does not lengthen the time it takes a student to graduate. 

As part of the Honors College, you will:

  • Challenge Your Mind
  • Challenge The World