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College of Engineering

Department Contact Information

Department of Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering

Dr. Ali Pilehvari (Interim Chair)

Ms. Leslie Runnels (Adm. Associate III)

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

Dr. Francisco Aguiniga (Interim Chair)

Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Dr. Scott Smith (Chair)

Ms. Debra Beltran (Adm. Associate III)

Department of Environmental Engineering

Dr. David Ramirez (Chair)

Ms. Natalie Gerragauch (Adm. Associate III)

Department of Industrial Management & Technology

Dr. Farzin Heidari (Interim Chair)

Ms. Melinda Perez (Adm. Associate III)

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Dr. Selahattin Ozcelik (Interim Chair)

Ms. Beth Johnson (Adm. Associate III)


Other Contact

Javelina Engineering Student Success Center (JESSC) Director: Mr. Austin McCoy, E-mail:



Graduate Coordinators

Graduate Program

Graduate Coordinator


(ESEN) Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering (Ph.D.)

Dr. Mahesh Hosur

(CEEN) Civil Engineering (M.S./M.Engr.)

Dr. Jong-Won Choi

(CSEN) Computer Science (M.S.)

Dr. Syed Omar,

(EEEN) Electrical Engineering (M.S./M.Engr.)

Dr. Amit Verma

(EVEN) Environmental Engineering (Ph.D.)

Dr. Lee W. Clapp

(EVEN) Environmental Engineering (M.S./M.Engr)

Dr. Jianhong Ren,

(IMEN) Industrial Management (M.S.)

Dr. Farzin Heidari

(MEEN) Mechanical Engineering (M.S./M.Engr.)

Dr. Selahattin Ozcelik

(IEEN) Industrial Engineering (M.S.)

Dr. Hua Li

(MHEN) Mechatronics Engineering (M.S.)

Dr. Selahattin Ozcelik & Dr. Amit Verma,

(CHEN) Chemical Engineering (M.S./M. Engr.)

Dr. Ali Pilehvari

(NGEN) Natural Gas Engineering (M.S./M.Engr.)

Dr. Ali Pilehvari