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Disability Resources Center

About the DRC

About the Disability Resource Center  

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) offers the following services for students with documented permanent or temporary disabilities to achieve academic success: intake meeting, coordination of support programs services with other campus departments, activities, organizations, evaluation referral options, disability-related information, adaptive technology, advocacy for students’ rights, and intervention services with faculty members. The DRC works in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and the university senior administration to eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion on campus.

The DRC does not diagnose or conduct disability testing; however, students may contact the DRC office for a referral list of qualified professionals in the surrounding area. Additionally, the DRC does not provide services such as tutoring, personal equipment, personal attendants, or scholarships. 

Mission Statement

The DRC promotes an inclusive environment at Texas A&M University-Kingsville that is free of physical and attitudinal barriers to ensure students with disabilities engage in a full range of college experiences. The DRC strives to be responsive to student needs by facilitating reasonable accommodations that aid in the student’s academic success as well as empower students to be self-advocates. 

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

To safeguard students receiving disability services with COVID concerns, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) will continue to provide the option of remote services such as telephone consultation (361-593-3024) and the HIPAA secure platform called ZOOM rather than face-to-face appointments. Face-to-face appointments will also be available as an option and is encouraged

Events, Announcements & Important Dates

Students are responsible for registering with the DRC each semester (including summer sessions) through the AIM registration system. Registering is important for updating records and notifying the DRC that a student wants to utilize DRC services for the semester.


Summer 2022 Sessions



Session 2 (2nd 5 Weeks)

July 19

Mid Semester


July 25

Last day to drop a course or withdraw from current semester


Aug 3

Last Class Day


Aug 4

Final Examinations


Aug 5


8-Week Session

(May 31 - July 22)

July 21

Last Class Day


Aug 5


10-Week Session

(May 31 – Aug 4)

Aug 3

Last Class Day


Aug 5


Fall 2022

Aug 7

Last day to register without a late fee

DRC Requirement

Aug 10

Renewal/Accommodation Letter Requests Open for the Fall 2022 semester

– NOTE: Fall letters will not be sent out until mid August.


Aug 22

First Class Day


Oct 15

Mid Semester Point

See Academic Calendar for additional important dates and deadlines.


New Applicants and Returning Students

Accessible Information Management (AIM)